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Tintri Launch Hat-trick: VMStore T800 series, TintriOS 3.1 and SecureVM

November 6, 2014

I’m very proud to write about the biggest product refresh in Tintri’s history. Today we announce three major launches: (1) New hardware – the Tintri VMStore T800 series; (2) New software – the updated TintriOS 3.1; and (3) New product – SecureVM encryption.

More than anything else, these launches prove that Tintri is tuned into our customers’ needs and the trends shaping the storage market. Our team continues to reimagine storage specifically for virtualized and cloud environments. Here’s just a brief overview of the innovation in today’s release:

  1. New hardware – Tintri VMStore T800 series

The new line-up (T820, T850, T880) offers outstanding density; up to 100TB, 140K IOPS and 3,500 VMs in a 4U form factor. Or, consider that a single rack of Tintri VMstores can now manage 1PB of storage and 35,000 VMs.

While other vendors obsess over dollars-per-gigabyte, we think in dollars-per-VM. As our customers virtualize an increasing proportion of their workloads, that’s the metric that really matters—and no one comes close to T800 series on this dimension.

Even our new bezel exudes quality. We worked with design luminary, Speck, to prove that storage doesn’t have to be a black box. I strongly recommend you spend some time on our Products page to learn more about the T800 series, and/or check out the specifications.

  1. New software – TintriOS 3.1

Today we also released an update to the TintriOS. While we’re immensely proud of our hardware brawn, the TintriOS is our brains and it just got smarter.

For example, we now support VMWare and RHEV which can co-exist on a single VMstore; and with this release, we enable integration with VMWare Site Recovery Manager (SRM) for disaster recovery. We also added a REST API SDK. In combination with our PowerShell-based Automation Tool Kit, customers can automate VM-level storage workflows, a task that is highly manual for all other storage solutions. Cloud service providers can similarly script workflows or even self-service portals.

These innovations reinforce our beliefs that (a) storage is the means (to better VM and application performance), not the end, and (b) using storage should be a delightful experience.

  1. New product – SecureVM encryption

Rounding out the hat-trick is SecureVM, a new product that enables encryption-at-rest on VMStore. It leverages self-encrypting drives—both SSDs and HDDs—with no performance degradation, and it supports replication between encrypted and non-encrypted VMStores. As the market (and our customers) place more emphasis on security, Tintri is listening and responding. You can read more about SecureVM here.

I’ll wrap up this post by thanking our customers, who are the change agents at their companies and who freely share their ideas and feedback with Tintri.

Contact your sales rep, or contact us right now to get more information on the T800 series.


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