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Tintri Changed VDI

December 4, 2014

This guest blog post is authored by Will Allred of the University of Arkansas

Everyone knows that VDI just doesn’t work. VDI is too complex. VDI, with its backend requirements plus some kind of weird access device, costs more than a traditional PC. VDI requires storage that can handle crazy amounts of IOPs. VDI just isn’t technically or financially feasible.

Everyone is, of course, wrong. Confidentially, everyone is usually wrong.

VDI does indeed work. It is not brain surgery or even rocket science. It can certainly cost far, far less per desktop than a traditional PC. Unfortunately, everyone is right about something, storage. Storage has been the Achilles Heel of VDI. Storage just couldn’t handle VDI.

Tintri changed all that.

Our desktop virtualization project was failing. Our storage simply could not handle the IOPs required by VDI. There would never be enough spindles spinning fast enough to do what we wanted to do. Users were unhappy. My team was unhappy. I was unhappy. My dog was probably unhappy. We couldn’t make it work. Things were looking pretty grim for the project.

Tintri changed all that.

A friend reached out to me and my team and told us about Tintri. At first, it sounded too good to be true, but we kept listening. It kept sounding better, so we gave it a shot. After all, what did we have to lose? Tintri sent us the unit free for 60 days. You read that right. They believe in their arrays so much that they send it out for free. Storage companies just don’t do that.

Tintri changed all that.

The array arrived without a technician to install it. That couldn’t be right. I’ve installed SANs. Easy and storage are not words that are typically uttered in the same sentence…at least without the word not thrown in there somewhere. The instructions said Plug in the power. OK. Plug in the management network. OK. Plug in the data network. OK. Give it a management IP address. OK. Give it a data network IP address. OK. Done. Wait. What? That’s it. I’m not kidding. It really is that easy. But wait, storage is supposed to be hard. It’s complex and complicated and involves lots of cables.

Tintri changed all that.

Our array handled our VDI without breaking a sweat. It worked so well that we put our production server loads on it. It still hasn’t broken a sweat. Tintri is smart storage. It is aware of the virtual machines running on it. This enables it to behave much more efficiently than traditional storage. I know, I know. Storage is supposed to be dumb. Storage doesn’t understand VM performance. Storage is supposed to be ignorant about the data stored on it. After all, storage is just storage.

Not anymore.

Tintri changed all that.


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