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Scale Applications and Remove Infrastructure Roadblocks!

April 21, 2015

In today’s day and age, physical bare metal application servers are a thing of the past: niche! Every business, regardless of size, has a virtual-first policy. Most are approaching the 70%+ virtualized watermark. As business leaders and technology professionals continue to virtualize more and more, you’re likely placing the most mission-critical applications within the virtual infrastructure. So why not have an infrastructure that focuses the management and scale of these applications? Tintri VMstore does just that.

Let’s say our business, Clint’s Cool LLC, has a production site with an important group of servers. Now, just like you, every one of our applications requires a Test/Dev, Staging, Production, Web, DB, Application, and—don’t forget—DR server. Whew! That’s like 6 servers just for one application.

Well, OK. But now we can’t have everything running on the same Infrastructure. Good thing we have that secondary site and colocation we can replicate to. Managing each individual VM would be very cumbersome on that old conventional CME or NappTap storage array! It would have been impossible to even begin to group servers and applications together. Management would have been extremely complex and we would be left with a complete management mess. Good thing we run VMstore 🙂

We’ve got a couple Tintri VMstores deployed. The first is in Pittsburgh at our corporate HQ and the second is in Detroit. We also replicate to a colocation. (It’s a super secret location, can’t tell you where.) Tintri Global Center is an intelligent control center that allows us to manage all of our VMstores together, allowing them to function as one. This is wicked awesome for us and we’re even more pumped about the upcoming Tintri Global Center 2.0. TGC allows us to build, respond and adapt to the changing market much faster than before!

We’ll now be able to track performance history and manage these service groups of VMs regardless of location. So regardless of where we’ve got applications scaled to, we manage, monitor, and troubleshoot everything all from one network operations center.



New Service Group

With our service group set up across my entire VMstore cluster, protecting the individual application is just as easy! Nope, we’re not a “me too” storage product that’s protecting entire volumes or LUNs, like. We’re granular, baby—application- and VM-aware.

Protect Service Group

As our application(s) migrate from location to location for recovery and testing purposes, all of the policy and historic per-VM and per-application metrics will follow. APIs and PowerShell CMDLETs within the Tintri PowerShell Toolkit 1.5 fully leverage all of the goodness in TGC 2.0 and Tintri OS 3.2.

A few of the other new features that further raise the bar include single sign-on—this way we can seamlessly move from Global Center to VMstore UI and back again without having to re-enter authentication credentials. We’ve also added support for role-based access controls to the Global Center offering. Be a super admin, a storage admin, or a read-only user—all based on Active Directory or LDAP user groups.

In the end, Tintri Global Center 2.0 allows organizations of all shapes and sizes to seamlessly scale applications based on the demands of the business.

Clint Wyckoff, vExpert, is a senior systems engineer at Tintri, and a Enterprise Storage & Virtualization SME. Clint lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife and two children.

Adapted from Clint Wyckoff’s original blog post at Virtual Insanity, with permission.

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