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NetApp-using masses, consider Tintri VMstore

January 30, 2014

“So, NetApp-using masses, consider the mighty Tintri VMstore and tremble in awe.”

Such was the sentiment expressed by Chris Mellor in a Register article that speaks to Tintri’s Virtualize More with 50% Less guarantee program launched last week. We wholeheartedly agree, as do hundreds of customers who have already moved from NetApp to Tintri. Backed by the guarantee, now there is even more reason for NetApp customers who are struggling with overprovisioning and storage performance challenges to migrate to Tintri.

What’s not to like about a program that helps you virtualize more, with 50 percent less? Imagine cutting your storage capacity and physical foot print needed by 50 percent, guaranteed*. Imagine reducing your storage deployment time over NetApp by 50 percent. Imagine slashing your operational expenses and overhead by 50 percent. Just imagine.

Times must be tough for traditional storage vendors. After talking to 30 value added resellers recently, Stern Agree, a brokerage firm, concluded in an industry research report that “Of the 30 storage VARs surveyed specifically on the topic of NetApp, 93% indicated that the new vendors could take share away (from NetApp) in the next 6-12 months.”

We don’t have to look far to see evidence of this statement in action. Earlier this week, we announced another record-setting quarter. Q4 2013 shattered all previous company records. We ended the past year more than doubling our enterprise customer base worldwide, which collectively runs more than 100,000 virtual machines in full production! Sales grew 115% year over year. Just as impressive is the fact that close to 70% of Tintri customers made repeat purchases. Less than two months after it became available, the T600 series already represents more than 60% of Tintri’s revenues. What’s more, our cloud business grew 221% year over year.

Suffice it to say, with these numbers behind us, we are looking at bullish expansion plans in all major virtualization markets worldwide.  Recently we welcomed on board long time industry veterans Doug Rich and Peter Molloy who will lead our expansions in EMEA and APAC, respectively.  In addition to adding more sales teams in North America, EMEA and Japan, we will soon open new sales offices in Australia, Singapore and other countries.

Perhaps it’s mere coincidence that adoption for application-aware storage is soaring while traditional storage is fighting off flat and negative growth. Coincidence? I think not.


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