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People are talking, man!

October 17, 2014

Oh Carl… Poor, poor Carl… 🙁

There are two camps of people talking about Carl. The techies, who respect and admire Carl for his awesome wealth of knowledge about all things storage. And the non-techies, like his neighbor who called him out for walking with a leash but no dog. Ask his neighbor (AKA Mr. “People are talking man”), what a RAID group is and he’d likely come up with some definition about looters who are hell-bent on breaking into a fridge.

You’re reading this on a Storage blog, so I’m guessing you’re probably closer to Carl than the other guy in the spectrum of all things geek. The Carls out there rock! They’re keeping data safe and available, but it’s a struggle and it’s often unappreciated. And knowledge about RAID parity, LUNs, sub-volume mounts, etc, doesn’t come over night. Quite the opposite… Carl probably spent years honing his 1337 storage skillz. Carl’s organization is lucky to have him… he knows SOOOO MUCH, and always gets the job done… eventually. When things go bump in the night (or day), Carl to the rescue!

So… what if Carl had the option to get superior performance to what he’d get when manually tweaking and tuning his traditional storage, with a bonus of unsurpassed visibility… all with minimal effort? What if Carl was given the opportunity to deploy a storage system that tunes itself dynamically? That’s a tough one for Carl… championing a solution that doesn’t rely on all that accumulated knowledge.

With storage challenges out of the way, what would Carl spend his time on? TONS! Today’s data centers are complex beasts and until the other layers of the stack become as simple and self-managing as Tintri’s VMstores, there are no shortages of challenges desperately in need of a bright guy like Carl to focus his attention on and improve. To all the Carl’s out there… there’s a whole lot of goodness on the horizon.

And for those of you that don’t have Carl’s excellent grasp on all things related to storage, you too can get Carl-like performance (highly tuned but requires lots of manual intervention as app demands change), without needing the years it takes to build Carl-like knowledge. Tintri VMstores are like having your own little mini-Carl under the hood… always on, always looking out for you.

Until next time… Take care, tweak less, and move on to improving other pain points within your infrastructure.


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