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Introducing Tintri Management Pack for vRealize Operations 2.0

February 4, 2016

Key Takeaways

  • The Tintri Management Pack for vRealize Operations enables storage management right from the vROPs user interface.
  • The newly available version 2.0 of the plugin introduces new features, including two monitoring dashboards and the ability to connect via the Tintri Global Center API.

The completely revamped Tintri Management Pack for vRealize Operations 2.0 is available from the Tintri VMstore Support Portal. The Management Pack is free to download and can be connected directly to your Tintri VMstores or to Tintri Global Center.

This version has added new features and compatibility support for the VMware vROps platform:

  • Compatibility: Tintri Management Pack now includes support for vROps 6.0+ and 6.1+.
  • Dashboard: The Management Pack includes two monitoring dashboards – Environment Overview and VM Details.
  • Custom Alerts: Pre-populated alerts and recommendation for quicker resolution.
  • TGC Support: Ability to connect via the Tintri Global Center API.

Tintri Management Pack with vROps provides insightful monitoring for your virtual workloads on the VM or application level. With vROPs and TGC Rest APIs, customers can manage VMstores directly or connect to Tintri Global Center to manage multiple VMstores more easily. With per-VM illustration of snapshot metrics, operations teams can quickly verify whether applications are over/under protected.

Tintri integration with vRealize Operations Suite (vROps) delivers performance, capacity, and trending metrics of Tintri VMstore into a common cloud management platform. This enables operations teams to work more productively with both applications and infrastructure teams.

Download it for free and give it a try.

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