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Introducing the Tintri Automation PowerShell

August 26, 2014

The Tintri Automation PowerShell Toolkit was released on August 20th, 2014. The PowerShell Toolkit includes Cmdlets (pronounced command-let) for automating the management of per-VM snapshots, replication, creating new VMs by cloning existing VMs, per-VM and vDisk statistics, as well as Tintri Appliance replication configuration and much more.

The Tintri PowerShell toolkit provides a way to integrate Tintri functionality into a heterogeneous ecosystem of PowerShell offerings from many companies. In particular, The Tintri PowerShell Toolkit offers unique integration with VMware vSphere PowerCLI Cmdlets. You can pass PowerCLI VM objects to many Tintri Cmdlets and the PowerShell toolkit will find the corresponding Tintri VM object(s) on Tintri VMstore or Tintri Global Center.

In this short video you will be introduced to the basics of the PowerShell Toolkit. You will see how easy it is to connect to Tintri VMstore and Tintri Global Center, create per-VM snapshots and clones, use Tintri Cmdlets with (VMware) PowerCLI Cmdlets, and more.

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