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Tintri SQL Integrated Storage Is Here

Tintri SQL Integrated Storage is Here

After much built-up anticipation, we are pleased to announce that Tintri, a pioneer in Intelligent Infrastructure, launched Tintri SQL Integrated Storage today. The engineering team at Tintri is very proud of what we have built and how it will significantly…

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Tintri Introduces SQL Integrated Storage

TINTRI INTRODUCES SQL INTEGRATED STORAGE WHAT IS SQL INTEGRATED STORAGE? A SQL database is, essentially, a collection of files with associated metadata, managed by a relational database management system. SQL integrated storage provides similar capabilities to SQL databases, from a…

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Revolutionizing Storage Management for SQL Server Environments

Revolutionizing Storage Management for SQL Server Environments Changing Mindsets about Database Storage with Tintri SQL Integrated Storage The relational database is the engine that drives most important business decisions and powers almost all electronic transactions in todays modern enterprise. Most…

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