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For Developers: API/UI Features in the T5000 series

August 20, 2015

Do Tintri APIs continue to work with the T5000 All-Flash series?

This blog covers the minor changes in the Tintri APIs with the introduction of T5000 series products. The VMstore UI and the Tintri Global Center (TGC) UI have some minor changes as well.


Let’s look at APIs first which have a new version, v310.31. The GET /v310/appliance/{uuid}/info API has a new boolean field, isAllFlash. Please see the code snippet below:

url = “/v310/appliance/default/info” r = tintri.api_get(server_name, url, session_id) appliance_info = r.json() all_flash = False show_all_flash = False if “‘isAllFlash’ in appliance_info: all_flash = appliance_info[“‘isAllFlash’] show_all_flash = True

Remember that the isAllFlash field’s existence needs to be checked, because pre-v310.31 API versions do not have the field.

There is a new field, dedupeFactor, in the DatastoreStat object return by:

  • GET /v310/datastore
  • GET /v310/datastore/{uuid}/statsHistoric
  • GET /v310/datastore/{uuid}/statsRealtime
  • GET /v310/datastore/{uuid}/statsSummary

The dedupeFactor field measures the space saved by deduplication due to block or clone deduplication. This field is valid for both hybrid and All-Flash systems starting in API version v310.31. However cloneDedupeFactor in DatastoreStat, which measures space saved by deduplication due to clone deduplication, is still valid for hybrids. For All-Flash systems, cloneDedupeFactor is 1.0, which is a placeholder for API compatibility. New code for both All-Flash and hybrids should use dedupeFactor for API versions v310.31 and beyond. For VMstores running pre-v310.31 API versions, dedupeFactor is not available.


The VMstore dashboard has eliminated the Flash Hit Ratio information right of Latency:


In the Space Savings view, “Dedup” has replaced “Clone Dedup” because the T5000 All Flash does block level deduplication and not clone level deduplication. Block level deduplication increase space efficiency even more.

Space savings

Tintri Global Center

Will the release of the T5000 series, Tintri Global Center is being updated to 2.1. There are a lot of enhancements to TGC 2.1, but as it relates to T5000 All-Flash series, there is now an indication if a VMstore is an All-Flash system or not.

In the VMstores: Hardware view, there is now a column for storage type:

storage type

As you can see the two storage types are “All Flash” and “Hybrid.” In the upper right, there is a icon to click for a filter which allows filtering by storage type.

Filter by storage type

As mentioned above, All-Flash systems do block level deduplication while hybrid systems do clone level deduplication. In TGC, these columns can be displayed.


The aqua squares highlight the All-Flash systems, showing NA for Clone Dedupe Factor and numbers for Dedupe Factor while the magenta squares highlight hybrid systems.


Once again, don’t worry: the VMstore T5000 series may change what you expect from an all-flash device, but it won’t affect your workflows too much. Better yet, unified management means you can finally manage your hybrid-flash and all-flash devices from the same pane of glass.

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