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Empower Your Operations with Tintri and vRealize!

March 11, 2015

Originally posted by Clint Wyckoff on  the VirtualInsanity blog.


Monitoring, analytics and predictive analysis, are all necessary elements that make up any successful IT Shop World Wide!  As environments and business’ move towards 100% uptime and continue to drive forward it’s absolutely critical to know the health of all elements that make up the IT portfolio.  There are many different operations framework solutions on the market today.  Many focus around the elements of ITIL and allow operations team to respond to issues in a timely fashion and drive down the mean-time to resolution.  ITIL focuses on Incident, Problem, Change and Release Management.  This blog post however, will focus on the analytics and heuristic elements that surround the Virtual Infrastructure.

Organizations are driving further and further towards virtualizing everything with a “Virtual 1st” strategy.  In fact, the vast majority of the shops I meet with on a daily basis are well down that path moving towards 90% + virtualized!  It’s clear that VMware is the market leader in the hypervisor space, so with that the choice of these shops is to utilize native VMware tools.  And no I didn’t mean the VMware tools you install in a guest VM 😉  Recently VMware renamed the vCenter Operations Manager (vCOps) to.

Tintri + vRealize Operations Manager

At Tintri we focus on removing the challenges that conventional storage brings to the virtual infrastructure.  We are the standard for running Virtual workloads efficiently and reliably while moving management from the traditional LUN or Volume level down to the individual VM.  This places us right in the wheelhouse for pulling all the rich Tintri visualizations and deep insights into vROps.  This also means everything Tintri knows about the VI, our customers’ main analysis engine will also know too!! You’ll correlate specific VMs and workloads to performance problems, identify sources of issues, and predict when and if an environment will potentially run out of resources.  For all existing Tintri customers the Management Pack for vROps is 100% free!  All that’s required is vROps 5.8 in Advanced Edition and well at least a single Tintri VMstore!  Since the Management Pack uses the Tintri REST API you’ll need to be at OS version 3.1.x.  Just like everything Tintri does, it’s THAT SIMPLE 🙂

Let’s take a deeper look into the technology and features.

Management Pack for VMware vROps

Tintri’s Management Pack for VMware vROps provides a holistic view and deep insight into the health and overall efficiency of the Tintri Infrastructure.  At first glance you’ll quickly notice that all of the same rich Tintri information that’s typically found in the VMstore UI or through Tintri Global Center can now be retrieved from vROps.  One of the particular items that excites me is the ability to now have all of my Tintri performance and per-VM metrics available with the retention policy of vROps.  I’ve typically seen environments set the retention for around 365 days, so now I have the ability to go back to last year and see exactly how my VMs were performing.  Imagine trying to answer the “how did it look last year during peak holiday season?” question  Again, focusing on he analytics engine of vROps – I’m now empowered to make accurate and well guided decisions.

Let’s take a deeper look into the technology and features.

Another element that leveraging the vROps toolset allows us is the ability to utilize the unique badge identifiers.  If you’re not familiar, badges allow you to quickly see the health of an individual vSphere object.  Through the use of these badges and whether or not an object is green (good), yellow (warning) or red (bad!) the given object is assigned a health score.  Tintri MP brings forth Health, Workload and Capacity information.

1.  Health

A.  VMstore and per-VM Performance Isolation and Visibility

i.  Health Score is Calculated using:

a.  Latency
b.  Flash Miss

2.   Workload

A.  VMstore and per-VM Workload visibility with vROps Workload Badge

i.  Workload Score is Calculated using:

a.  Performance Reserve (VMstore)
b.  Throughput and IOPS (Per-VM)

3.  Capacity

A.  VMstore Capacity Visibility with vROps Capacity Badge

i.  Does not display Per-VM Capacity
ii.  Capacity Score is Calculated using:

a.  Space Used (VMstore)

Custom Relationship

So how do i get this coolness?

1.  Login to Tintri Support
2.  Click Downloads
3.  Choose vRealize Operations Management Pack
A.  Available in vApp…Linux…Windows
4.  Install Management Pack
5.  Discover the Adapter (Admin -> Support)
6.  Create Adapter Instance – using local VMstore login credentials.
7.  DONE!

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