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Meet Carl. Carl’s been described as “Storage-Obsessed”. I can totally relate to Carl. I was once “storage-obsessed” and now “excellence-obsessed”. I will share with you my story on what I did to not be that guy that I once was.

Two and a half years ago, I was exactly like Carl. I had a big virtualization project on my plate that had everything riding on it. I kept obsessing about the details of the storage in my data center design. Why? Because that’s where the pain was and that’s what needed to be fixed. I know that I needed a new solution and started evaluating different vendors. After my evaluation, I decided to go with Tintri. Problem solved and the storage-obsession stopped. Tintri solved the storage issues I had previously and as a result my focus has moved up the stack to other parts of the infrastructure that haven’t been made as easy, reliable, and self-managing as the storage layer has.

In our data centers, storage is only one component. Many would argue that it’s the foundation on which everything else is built, and while I tend to agree, that’s only part of the picture. The reality is, there are many components (host/hypervisor configuration, VM configurations, application configuration within the VMs, networking, power, etc.) and when any one of these goes wrong, everything suffers. So why does storage seem to get a disproportionate amount of attention? Because when it goes wrong, it often has the broadest impact to operations and this is your data we’re talking about. Data is the life-blood of most businesses.

So can I still relate to Carl? Absolutely! Until all other areas of the infrastructure become as easy and dependable as Tintri Smart Storage, I’ve still got plenty to obsess about in my quest for excellence and getting the job done right. With my storage concerns out of the way, my mind is freed up to tackle those other areas. The bar has been set, and hopefully all of those decisions that are needed to be made in the other layers of the stack someday become as trivial as my storage decision.

Today, I am part of the Tintri family and take part in the quest to spare others the pain that I’ve gone through. From a customer to an employee, I continue to be a huge fan of Tintri products and solutions. By choosing Tintri as your storage platform and leveraging our unique bottleneck visualization, you’ll know where your excellence-obsession should focus next… which we’ll discuss another day.

Until then, get some help and stop with the storage-obsession. We are here to help and answer all your questions.

Rob Girard
Technical Marketing Engineer, Tintri

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