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Dip into Cloud with Tintri, VMware and VLSS

August 28, 2015

Key Takeaways

  • Tintri has partnered with VMware and VLSS to create a DBaaS reference architecture
  • Tintri VMstore VAAI-enabled VM cloning technology drops VM deployment and configuration time by 70%, to an average of 6 seconds per VM
  • We’re featuring a group discussion on this reference architecture at VMworld, 09/02/2015, 9:30-10:30am, in Marriot Nob Hill A

UPDATE: Here for the paper? Get a direct link: Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) Reference Architecture with VMware and Tintri.

Hardly anyone jumps head-first into a cold swimming pool without checking the temperature first. Sometimes it is better to put a toe into the pool, just to “check it out” first.

So it is with cloud computing. The promises are there, but how can you be sure that the benefits justify jumping into the middle of the pool? One of the easiest ways to get your toes wet with cloud computing is to create a private cloud for deploying databases, or Database as a Service (DBaaS).

Databases are indispensable components of most business-critical application infrastructures. For every production database there can be multiple development, test, staging and QA environments. Yet deploying these databases is traditionally a complex and time-consuming operation.

Providing a self-service portal that allows end users to quickly provision multiple instances of Oracle and SQL Server databases reduces the time to go live with a new database application by shortening the time required to create the necessary development, test and QA environments. This is a challenge worth solving and a useful way to get our toes wet with private cloud computing.

Next week at VMworld, we are pleased to present the results of a partnership between VLSS, VMware and Tintri. Together we created a DBaaS reference architecture for Oracle 12c and SQL Server 2012, VMware vSphere 6, vRealize Automation 6.2 and a Tintri VMstore T880 Hybrid-Flash storage array. By employing the Tintri VMstore VAAI-enabled VM cloning technology, we reduced the time to deploy and configure hundreds of VMs by 70%, to an average of 6 seconds per VM.

Database Templates, vRealize Automation Service Catalog, Automation Center Supporting Apps

Our testing revealed the exceptional responsiveness of the combined Tintri and VMware vRA-based DBaaS infrastructure and its ability to quickly provision hundreds of Oracle and SQL Server Database VMs. Moreover, the rate at which we could deploy VMs was unaffected by increasing the workload on the system. Even as we applied severely punishing workloads to the Tintri VMstore, the provisioning times remained consistently low, and the vRealize Automation Service Catalog remained responsive, as did the vRA DEM workers and all the other VMs in the DBaaS infrastructure.

The Tintri VMstore T880 Hybrid-Flash storage array and vSphere servers were run from the VMware Business Critical Applications lab, where we were also invited to take part in the VMware sponsored SQL Elite Database Workshop series.1

Request type of DB and number of VMs from Service Catalog

In the DBaaS reference architecture, all of the vRealize Automation infrastructure VMs shared the Tintri VMstore T880 storage array. The DEM workers that deployed and configured the VMs were stored on the array as well, along with all of the newly provisioned VMs. If any of these VMs were to suffer from IO starvation this would quickly have become apparent. Yet the time to provision and configure VMs stayed constant, even as the pressure on the storage was increased. But naturally, the Tintri VMstore took it in stride!

Please join us at the VMworld group discussion as we review the results of the DBaaS testing and discuss the upcoming white paper that details the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) Reference Architecture with VMware and Tintri. Here are the details:

VAPP6434-GD: Applications on a Lightning Bolt with Flash, Tintri and VLSS

Wednesday, September 2 @ 9:30–10:30am
Marriott Nob Hill A
A group discussion focused on the reference architecture produced by VLSS, Tintri and VMware for both Oracle and SQL Server databases.

See you soon,

Christopher Slater

1 What was the SQL Elite Database Workshop series? We are all aware that VMware is committed to the successful virtualization of Business Critical Applications and, to this end, VMware invited 15 of the top SQL Server professionals in the world to the VMware world headquarters in Palo Alto, California this past April. For three days these SQL Server experts got access to VMware engineering experts and consultants in a 2-way dialog about the capabilities of virtualized Micrososft SQL Server databases on VMware vSphere. All the lab exercises and experimentation were run on the Tintri VMstore T880—which to quote Michael Corey, president of nTirety Consulting, “never broke a sweat”.

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