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Lou Melograna – CTO and Vice President, StarNet Solutions

For Lou, a game changer is someone who wakes up every day wanting to make a difference. When he saw how Tintri could make a difference for StarNet clients, Lou believed it was his job to show them, too. One customer at a time, he liberated IT teams from the headaches of managing their existing storage solutions. Today those engineers are spending time adding value to their organizations instead of sitting at keyboards struggling with systems that aren’t working for them. How much time? When one customer was implementing VDI, Lou’s passionate advocacy for Tintri resulted in a dramatic reduction in boot time – a full 60 seconds per VDI.

“If I’m bringing a solution to my clients it’s because I truly believe in it, that’s exciting for me. I want to make my client’s jobs easier and do what’s best for their business, and Tintri helps me do that every time.”

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