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Kunihiro Yamazaki – IT Service Gr. Professional, NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.



Mr. Yamazaki is a true “game changer” who produces results through an uncompromising pursuit of the best. When extending the scale of VDI from 18,000 machines in 2017, he conducted detailed POC from many angles, including capacity and performance, on various vendors, not only Tintri.

The result was the selection and introduction of Tintri, which offers both deduplication and stable performance. This allowed for the complete upgrade to Windows 10, an important issue, without adding extra resources. Furthermore, even now, with a massive VDI environment covering 80,000 users, those users are very satisfied because they can maintain steady performance, capacity, and uptime while making use of Tintri features such as automated QoS.

“We selected Tintri because we gave it high marks for both great performance and efficient use of capacity. In addition, we assessed Tintri highly for offering consistently stable service and expandability without extra hassle. In fact, even after we went from the first 18,000 machines we were operating with VDI to about four times as many with 80,000 machines presently, we’ve been able to keep working with an infrastructure operating staff of five people the whole time, and I think that has had a big impact.”

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