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Janesh Jani – Infrastructure Project Manager, Day Lewis

Janesh believes that game changers transform business. It’s what he strives to do every day by finding new ways to support the organization and its growth. Tintri makes that easier by providing both resiliency and the ability to purpose-build the architecture to meet the company’s exact needs. Janesh and his colleagues also take advantage of the analytics capabilities to right-size storage, which not only supports growth but also eliminates the costs associated with adding storage and racks as the business expands. The recent pandemic challenged Janesh and his colleagues to accelerate their efforts to meet the community’s health needs, and, with Tintri, the team could apply their efforts and focus on business priorities, rather than storage, to ensure that the organization had maximum impact.

“Tintri makes installation and implementation easy. From box to rack we were up and running in no time at all, this freed the team to focus on other critical areas that can help improve business operations.”

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