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Darren Henderson – Assistant Director for Technology & Telecoms, South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust

Game changers leverage technology to benefit the people who rely it, according to Darren. In a healthcare setting that means a diverse set of users who are always on the move and need fast access to systems that support the delivery of care. When Darren and his team implemented a VDI solution with Tintri, they were able to dramatically reduce the time that medical and administrative staff spent logging into systems and applications, which in turn allows them to spend more time caring for the community that the Trust serves. From the ER to the district nurses visiting clients’ homes, today everyone has access to the systems and applications they need regardless of the devices they’re using, and Tintri has been instrumental to ensuring the success of the VDI initiative.

“The simplicity of Tintri and the ease of use is phenomenal, which was apparent from the first time we piloted the solution. When you’re used to new technology taking weeks to implement, getting Tintri up and running in less than a few hours was a welcome change that allowed us to begin reaping the benefits of our VDI solution immediately.”

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