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Akihiro Obata – Director, Sales Division, NOX

Mr. Obata is a true “game changer” who can proactively move new efforts forward with his customers. By actively suggesting technologies for solutions, with an understanding of his customers’ current situation, and by providing attentive and prompt support after introduction, he has built up deep trust with those customers. Noticing that many of them have issues concerning storage in virtual environments, he offered Tintri as a solution for them. Many of the customers who started using Tintri are truly satisfied with the results that are more than what they sought, thanks to Tintri’s ease-of-use, simplicity, and high product quality.

“We have been dealing with Tintri since 2011. At that time, there were no storage solutions available that could be easily implemented with hundreds of VMs on a single datastore, so when we introduced it to cloud providers adopting virtualization, they bought it because, in their words, “There’s no other storage like it!” These days, there are increasingly more storage solutions able to carry several-hundreds of VMs thanks to all-flash storage, but no others offer the “ability to operate with visualizations for each VM.” That’s why Tintri is being introduced by not only cloud providers but also many enterprise users.”

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