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Rob Girard

Technical Marketing Engineer, vExpert, VCAP4/5-DCA, VCAP4-DCD, VCP2/4/5, MCSE, CCNA and TCSE

A self-proclaimed Geek, Rob Girard (@robgirard) was one of Tintri’s early customers and fell in love with our product, running several VMstores in production across multiple datacenters in dispersed geographies. Not wanting to wait until Beta releases to get a glimpse of the new products we’re cooking up, Rob joined Tintri recently as a Technical Marketing Engineer. This is his first time on the “vendor side” and we appreciate the insight and experience Rob’s 16+ years spent in the trenches as a customer brings to our organization.

The “Tintriboot”

I’m very pleased to announce a recent milestone… a new Tintri release! Version (now available to customers via our support portal) may appear like a minor rev to most… a simple increment of a 4th decimal point… moving from…

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