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Luc Dekens

Systems Engineer, Eurocontrol Maastricht

Luc is currently working as a Systems Engineer for Eurocontrol Maastricht.

In 2007 he attended a PowerCLI session at VMware TSX in Nice (France). Luc was immediately convinced of the usefulness of PowerCLI, a free PowerShell snapin from VMware, for automating any vSphere environment. During the PowerCLI beta, he started participating on VMware’s VMTN PowerCLI community as LucD, and he has continued doing so ever since.

Since 2009, Luc has been presenting PowerCLI sessions at VMworld US and EMEA. He also presented at several VMUG meetings, and during the first PowerShell Deep Dive conference.

In 2011, the PowerCLI Reference book, which Luc co-authored, was published.

He is now a 6-times vExpert and a 2-times PowerShell MVP.

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