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VMstore T7000 Series

On-prem VMstore platform.

Tintri Cloud Engine

Container-driven VMstore platform.

Tintri Cloud Platform

Managed infrastructure powered by Tintri.

Tintri Geek Out!

On the Fifth Day of Tintri – 

After years of market research and countless funds sunk into uncovering what makes IT folks tick, we’ve discovered that the venn diagram of data management professionals and geeks is just one big circle. 

That shouldn’t come as any big surprise, though, we’re pretty big geeks ourselves. Our trees are adorned with a slew of sci-fi ornaments, our lawns covered in inflatable movie and cartoon references, and our greeting cards wish everyone good cheer during the season of Stan Lee’s birth. 

Whether you’re a seasoned data management expert and enthusiast well-versed in Tintri tech or just starting to explore the world of Tintri, our Geek Out! Technology demo sessions promise a fun and educational experience across a myriad of topics facing industry experts. Geek out with us as we close out the first week of our festive extravaganza!

And don’t forget to register for our first ever Geek Out! Trivia event – Tidings and Trivia on December 15! Have a great weekend and we’ll see you here next week for another fun-filled week of holiday cheer!

More Ways to Win!

Make the odds be in your favor by signing up for one of our fun events or make a short video telling us how much you love Tintri!

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