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Welcome back to the 15 Days of Tintri! We here at Tintri love this time of year – The crispness in the air, the traditions with friends and family, and of course multiple viewings of one of the all-time greatest holiday movies – Die Hard. 

If you’ve come back for more there’s a good chance that you’re well on your way to becoming a die-hard fan yourself. And with that hyphen we don’t mean fans of the 1988 Bruce Willis classic (though who isn’t?), we mean die-hard Tintri fans. 

Our technology has always inspired that level of devotion in our customers, and it stands to reason, it has always been pretty revolutionary. So on this Day of Tintri, let out a resounding “Yippe ki-yay, Mr. Falcon” and check out our Die Hard Tintri blog to discover what it means to be a die-hard Tintri fanatic.

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