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The “holiday season” seems to start earlier and earlier each year. What once began as a post-Thanksgiving season of cheer now seems to start right after Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re ready for it or not, Tintri is ready to get you into the holiday spirit with some good tidings to celebrate the end of our 15th year! Our 15 Years Days of Tintri holiday extravaganza gives you a chance to win prizes and learn a lot of exciting stuff about Tintri.

Come back to this page each weekday from November 27 – December 15 to unlock a new page of holiday fun and a new chance to enter our raffle for a one of six winter prize packages including the Ultimate Tintri Fireside package, the Ultimate Tintri Sports package, and the grand prize, the Ultimate Geek Out! prize package including a Tintri-branded Nintendo Switch!

Get on the "Nice" List!

Even if you’re starting out the holiday season on the naughty list you can still earn yourself a present or two from the fine folks at Tintri just by participating in Tintri’s year-end celebration!

Winners will be chosen at random from all entries and notified via the email provided the week of December 18!

How To Enter

Entering the 15 Days of Tintri contest is easy as pie! Much easier, in fact, pies can be a very time-consuming and laborious dish to prepare… And the more you participate the better your odds of winning one of three fabulous prize packages!

Enter Daily!

Come back each day and answer the trivia question correctly and gain up to 15 entries to the contest!

Attend a Show!

Attendees of the December 6 “Ham It Up” or December 15 “Geek Out Trivia” events will receive five entries per show!

Make a Video!

Tintri customers who create a “Why I Love Tintri” video during the 15 days will double their daily entries!

Answer Questions, Win Prizes!

Ultimate Geek Out! Package

One grand prize winner will receive the Ultimate Geek Out! Prize Package – 

  1. Tintri-branded Nintendo Switch
  2. Team Tintri hockey jersey
  3. Yeti cooler
  4. Fleece blanket with carrying strap
  5. 30 oz Yeti tumbler
  6. Tintri beanie 
  7. Tintri texting gloves
  8. Tintri socks

Ultimate Tintri Sports Package

Two second place winners will receive the Ultimate Tintri Sports Package – 

  1. Team Tintri hockey jersey
  2. Yeti cooler
  3. Fleece blanket with carrying strap
  4. 30 oz Yeti tumbler
  5. Tintri beanie 
  6. Tintri texting gloves
  7. Tintri socks

Ultimate Tintri Fireside Package

Three third place winners will receive a  the Ultimate Tintri Fireside Package –  

  1. Cozy Tintri fleece blanket
  2. Yeti ramblers (x2)
  3. Thermal wine tumblers (x2)
  4. Drawstring bag
  5. Tintri beanie
  6. Tintri texting gloves
  7. Tintri socks

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What’s this thing all about?

While other year-end celebrations may stop at 12 days and give you a bunch of stuff nobody asked for (who needs that many lords-a-leaping?), the 15 Days of Tintri celebration gives you stuff you might actually want!

On top of the gifts, The 15 Days of Tintri gives you access to assets and experts that will help you learn how Tintri’s VM-aware technology can optimize your data center. Before you know it your newly-boosted performance and efficiency will have you speed skating around the competition. And if you’re one of our jersey winners you’ll look great doing it!

How does this contest work?

1. Simply visit the advent calendar on this page at any time – as many times as you’d like – during the 15 Days of Tintri, which kicks off on November 27th, 2023 and ends December 15th, 2023. (The 15 days don’t include weekends, so make sure to spend those days with your friends and family!)

2. Each day on the 15 Days of Tintri advent calendar will link to a new page and provides a chance to enter the drawing! Simply answer the daily trivia question correctly, fill out the form on that page, and you’re entered to win one of six Tintri prize packages. You’ll also be able to access some cool digital goodies each day that represent the greatest gift of all – the gift of knowledge (Ho-ho-ho!). You won’t be able to access the pages until the day-of, so no skipping ahead to see how it ends!

3. Note that the individual days on the advent calendar and contest entry forms can be accessed via multiple options:

  • This web page (how convenient, you’re already here!)
  • Tintri LinkedIn, Twitter (or whatever they’re calling themselves these days) and Facebook accounts!

And remember that you can enter the contest on each of the 15 days – even if you’re late to the party and want to enter on days that have already passed – but only once per advent calendar page.

4. At this point you’re probably thinking, “Gee, I sure do like the idea of winning fabulous prizes, but my 15 entries in a sea of contestants don’t feel like they’ll go very far to ensuring I’m a winner, is there a way to game the system and better my odds of winning?” You’re in luck! There are two ways to boost your number of entries into the contest:

  • Attend An Event! Stop by the Ham IT Up! cooking event on December 6 or the Tidings and Trivia Geek Out! event on December 15 and receive five bonus points for each event! 
  • Make a Video! Existing Tintri customers can submit a video testimonial letting the world know why you love Tintri for five bonus points! For more info on what we’re looking for, please click here.
  • How will I know if I’ve won something?

Winners of all six prize packages will be notified via the email provided during the week of December 18. After December 15 all you need to do is kick back, relax fireside with a big ol’ cup of egg nog, and keep your fingers crossed! Good luck!

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